2004-09-02 12:12:11 ET

so...i did it...i freakin did it...i bought an apple g4 powerbook...and i will have it in my grubby little hands by the end of next week...

...i can't believe i freakin' did it....

2004-09-04 11:05:11 ET

Fucking cool. We need to get you a wireless card.

2004-09-05 06:24:10 ET

it may already have one...we'll find out on friday :D eeee!

2004-09-05 11:55:55 ET

If I could afford any kind of apple, I would get one... Windows is now pissing me off...

also: I live in Oakland now... you *have* to come see my new place and I work with Mel, too now... we need to get together, catch up... it's been TOO LONG!! You are missed!!!!

2004-09-06 02:15:56 ET

GIRL! ::super hugs squishy hugs:: Where in oaktown are you livin? You need to come see my new place, too...sooooon i will be done with the movie...and have time to have a social life! :P I miss you guys terribly, and has been waaaayyy too long. we are much overdue for a hangin outtin!

Oh, and cheap macs can be found on ebay. the one i just bought was $ Jan, the g4s will go down significantly, as the g5 is coming out just in time for xmas, and everyone will be getting rid of their old G4s :] 'cept me :P

2004-09-06 09:00:41 ET

I'm living by the Colluseum.... I'm in your area fairly often, too!

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