Dust Buffalos!
2004-10-13 21:01:22 ET

[ mood | drained ]
[ music | The Once Over Twice - X ]

So the movie wrapped yesturday...thank GOD, i am done! The only think makeupy I have to do now is make Waylon's halloween makeup...which I think he's going to do most of, but I really want to do the whole bit...from taking the mold of his head, to sculpting the makeup, molding that, making foam latex and, finally, getting up at 5am halloween day and applying the sucker. But I don't think he'll let me, b/c he's really particular. In any case, I'm keeping the mold, haha.

I'm not gonna do anything for Halloween this year...I'm doubting that I will even dress up. I'm just not interested, man. I don't know why. You'd think with Waylon, my roomate, being the Halloween OCD freak his is, I would be hopelessly infected, but I'm not. The most exciting thing I'm doing is applying makeup and hanging out with my mom.

Ack! Attacked by piznuppy cuteness...She is now curled up in my lap (this is a med. size dog, btw) and hindering my typing abilities.

Oh, yes, and I will be purchasing purple twinkle lights while there's still some left, since i can only seem to find them halloween time.

Work is going ok. I'm no closer to going on the floor than I was a month ago. Dammit...I wish I could just figure whatever it is out that I need to figure out so I could get there. I'm really tired of being a servant.

Let's see...what else is new? Hrm...uhm...other than being done with the movie, nothing, really, is new. We got foam latex to form a skin without cheating...that was cool.

The new Tom Waits album is really good...He went a little further down the Captain Beefheart route this time, which works well for him. I don't really care for Beefheart's music, but I definately respect him as a musician...but Tom Waits has just enough of it in his music to give it a bizarre twist without going totally into the realm of the beefheart :]

...if that makes any sense at all.

With the movie going on, I was having trouble keeping my life in balance, focusing too much on the movie, and not enough on work, family, dog, boyfriend, friends, etc, etc. Not that I really have the finances to be super social, nor have I retained the skills to really do well in social situations, I find myself having become an urban hermit...if that's possible.

How did it get to be 9pm, already? I just got home from work...or so i thought. I was there late tonight, though...I didn't leave the salon until 7:30...been there since about 8:30 this morning....have to go back tomorrow at 8am and will be the only assistant (normally we have 3). Well, it'll go by fast, at least.

I'm going out of town overnight this weekend (our weekends being Sunday and Monday), for work...on a "retreat", although I'm not sure how much retreating I will be able to do surrounded by all the people I see almost every day for obscene amounts of time. I was looking forward to it, but now I'd rather just sit at home and lounge around in bed. We're going out to Booneville. The salon has rented out the entire Booneville hotel for us, and there will be a color class on the second day before we all go home.

Well, Ashby is begging for my attention, and I suppose I'd better give it to her since I'm starting to fade already..(at 9pm! You'd think I was 60!)

2004-10-14 07:30:05 ET

WTF?????? Boonville. I thought you guy were going to Stinson Beach. What happened? Boonville sucks. It is in the middle of nowhere hickland. I mean shit, it's called Boonville. You know whatn happens in Boonville. Nothing...Besides my rant, I will see you tonight?

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