2004-12-20 17:00:13 ET

So, as I said before, i'm going on the floor in Jan...and i will be cutting lotsa hair.

The first week, I will be doing free haircuts all week, and have 18 appointments to fill, first come first serve. Because I'm a new stylist, I am still a bit of a slowpoke, so depending on the kind of hair you have, and the kind of haircut you want, the appointment could take up to two hours, but it's free for you and good experience for me, so why not, right?

This is only for the first week of January, however, and after that I will be charging $25. If you won't be in town, or aren't interested, tell a friend who might be :]

If you are interested, please call Peter Thomas Hair Design (located at 1700 Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley) at: 510.843.0697.

Thanks! :D

2004-12-28 10:27:52 ET

if i could get a hair cut like before january 3rd that would be cool :)

2004-12-28 20:39:21 ET

oh, man...I wish I had some time :[

2004-12-29 07:39:38 ET

yea i know :)

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