2004-12-20 19:59:10 ET

Is it really possible that I might get to sleep at a decent hour tonight?

...AND have clean laundry??? ::blink, blink::

I don't think this has ever happened before. I really should be at a bar watching The Red Elvis's show...or at a club dancing my booty off...But I will have clean socks to wear tomorrow...and that is almost as cool.

2004-12-20 23:41:52 ET

Hell you say? Sleep at a decent hour?

2004-12-21 05:21:46 ET

It didn't actually happen...I knew it was too good to be true :P

2004-12-21 21:11:07 ET

Whatd'ya end up doing? I would hang with you, but I am trapped in studio land. Call me.

2005-01-17 09:57:25 ET

in belgrade...you never get to sleep at a decent hour :)

how you guys doin? .. im having a blast out here...check out my page i made some posts...say hello to lord bacon for me :)

2005-01-24 07:25:37 ET

we are doing great :] I have stories for you, i think. Are you going to Alex's Bday party thing next sat?

"Lord Bacon" bids you a hello in return :] He looks forward to seeing you when you return from Belgrade :]

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