2005-03-19 19:44:24 ET

I'm sick...again. Yesturday, my skin ached, I coughed so hard I barfed, and was so delerious from fever and codine that I don't remember half of the day.

I'm feeling much better today. Still coughing, but now it feels like more of a sinus issue...like somehow my body is trying to convince me to cough through my nose or sneeze through my throat...not sure how that works, but whatever.

uhm...ok, thought I had the energy to post, but I don't...more later.

P.S. Why does Ashby only want to go outside when it's raining?

2005-03-19 22:49:38 ET

I hope you feel better. I'll try to come by at some point to walk ashby tomorrow.

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