Sick sick sickiepoo :[
2005-03-23 18:54:50 ET

Still sick...but not as a dog...which is better. Mostly, I'm just tired, my sinuses feel dried out, and my throat hurts a bit. Any improvement is good at this point, though. This is totally not cute anymore.

I was finally able to give the girl a walk this evening...she's elated, I'm sure. Poor girl has been couped up for the past four days or so...before I got sick, it was raining, so no walks there...then I got sick AND it was she couldn't even guilt me into it, haha. Hopefully it won't continue to do this thing where it starts raining right before I get off work, and continues raining until sunrise. It didn't do that today, thankfully.

Wow, that was really boring.

Is this really what my life has come to?? Bitching about being sick and how weather patterns affect my dog's excercise? hand is twitching...that's new.

I need to get un-broke...and it needs to be fast. I need to make a more valid attempt at being social. Apparently, I needs to GETTHEFUCKOUTGODDAMMIT! Ahem...Even moreso, I need a where, like, I get a dogsitter and go away for a while or something. Maybe even just a weekend. It doesn't have to be a far away place...just somewhere that's not here...and not a tourist trap. I like breakfast...but not on vacation.

Anyhow...back to the dog and being sick thing...gotta feed the former and tend to the latter :P

2005-03-23 19:15:22 ET

:(. Hope ya feel better. Wish I was there to help walk Ashby for ya. When you do need someone to watch her when you go away, let me know and I'll do it.

2005-03-23 19:32:12 ET

Thanks, man :] Is ok bout the's been raining too blasted much to walk her anyway...but you wouldn't know that, cuz you're ON VACATION...OUT OF big fat jerk :P

2005-03-23 19:42:22 ET

Well, we did bring the Bay Area weather down with us. It poured epicly last night. So much for sunshiny LA.

2005-03-24 07:45:34 ET

Well, ok. I take it back, then.

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