Dogshit on my nice newly cleaned throw rug...
2005-03-27 04:48:16 ET what greeted me this morning. Along with a puddle of piss. At least she didn't do *that* by the door this time. I hate seeps out the door of my room, and spreads into my room just started smelling better from the last time she did this.

She does this for attention...It's fucked up because I don't know how much more attention I can give her. I'm snapping...she got railed on this morning...ofcourse, I'd never hit her, but I thought I was going to this morning. 6am is NOT my best hour...especially when I'm waking up to dogshit.

I need to get the fuck out of here, god dammit. I think I'll ask my parents for a vacation for my birthday...I'm losing it.

Oh, yeah...Happy fucking Easter...I hope the chocolate eggs the easter bunny brings you are actually chocolate.

2005-03-27 13:10:56 ET

this is going to sound lame...BUT...make a 1/2 and 1/2 mix of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray the area that the dog has marked. it neutralizes the odor to them and they tend to keep from going there again. we used to have to do this for my old housemate's puppy and it worked great.

2005-03-27 19:19:23 ET

:(. I totally know how that is, there was a few times when I was about to hop into the shower @ 5 am only to discover I'd stepped on a dog urine soaked rug.

2005-03-29 08:15:34 ET

Pixie: Does that work on hard wood floors, too?

Loki: Yesh...that rug was a vile thing after a while, haha.

2005-03-30 00:19:56 ET

i have never tried it on hard wood floors...there is stuff that you can buy at the pet store for hard wood though. milo and i used it in new york. if either of us remember the name of it i will let you know.

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