2005-04-24 21:46:34 ET

So, I got print cartridges for my printer today so I can print some headshots for the makeup stuff i'm doing...now, when it prints, it prints the black in lines, and it turns out that another of my ink cartridges is low...DAMMIT...I cleaned the heads, decloggled the nozzles and realined the print heads...and their self diagnostic interactive thingamajigger is telling me to replace all the ink I didn't replace today. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...I want to smash the fucking thing, but it's much cheaper just to buy more ink for the blasted contraption.

I've said it a thousand times before, and I'll say it again: PRINTERS ARE NOT MY FRIENDS!

...but apparently the costume designer's cat is. You win some, you lose some, I suppose.

2005-04-24 21:52:44 ET

i always hated printers. they're just a pain in the ass. the ink's too expensive and they just piss me off at times. i suggest saving the pics you wish to print to a disc and printing them at a library or somewhere simular, thats what i do when my printer is low or just getting on my nerves.

2005-04-24 22:03:38 ET

I really think the companies that make printers are like the car and gas companies...they way over price shit, and they make their products cheaply so you'll have to give them more and more of your money...it's just a scheme, like everything else.

Thanks for the suggestions! I will be going to the library tomorrow...funny that i didn't think of that before...it would have saved me some time. The other funny thing is, is i emailed the images to myself to print at my parent's house (where I just came from), in case I couldn't find the ink I needed...but i found the ink I needed, so I didn't print them there...BAH! this will be funny in a few weeks.

This wouldn't be nearly as maddening if I didn't put off my design concepts for the last three days so I could get ink and print them myself....bastardly printer.

2005-04-25 06:34:45 ET

HP printers are best, but their low-ends are still crappy like the others. The consumer-electronics printer market is based completely on price-slashing so you can get an inexpensive printer for very little, but honestly the reasonably-engineered ones start around 399. Its kindof a scheme, but I think it has a lot to do with status-quo consumers making retarded choices.

2005-04-26 17:53:46 ET

Most printer companies lose money every time they sell a printer because they are very complex piecies of machinery to develope (th good ones). So their profit is in cartridge sales. Next time you have printer problems: try a voodo sacrifice or kinetic recalibration. Those techniques work miracles...

2005-04-26 19:10:24 ET

...mmmmhm... ::raises eyebrow:: You mean threatening it with a dirty look or a baseball bat won't work?

2005-04-26 20:16:59 ET

Baseball bat = kinetice recalibration. I like the way you think.

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