Legend of Zelda and Nine Inch Nails
2005-07-05 08:39:48 ET

I just heard NIN doing the theme for zelda, haha. phunnie.

2005-07-05 09:45:02 ET

Old-hat, but good stuff. I've also heard a "Closer" madrigal that is really entertaining.

2005-07-05 21:07:08 ET

I wonder if it's the same one that I have but says it's from System of a Down (or some such band) instead...
Is it the song from the cartoon show with lyrics or just the music?

2005-07-06 06:20:41 ET

Zelda theme? Just the music. I think you can find it on NIN fansites.

2005-07-06 11:18:39 ET

I found it on Limewire, if you want to try that.

2005-07-07 20:46:55 ET

*doesn't have any P2P programs*

Maybe I'll try to find it on some fansites later, thanks.

2005-07-07 21:46:30 ET

Limewire is free if you want to download it :]

2005-07-08 19:01:45 ET

But Limewire sucks. Use Soulseek for a compact, malware-free option that has a decent userbase last time I checked.

2005-07-08 20:03:11 ET

Limewire doesn't suck if you have a mac, though :P

2005-07-09 10:04:01 ET

It's still bloated and suspicious. And COMMERCIAL.

2005-07-09 19:49:05 ET

When you have a mac, your options are somewhat limited. I've tried soulseek and other P2Ps, but they don't work because I have a mac. I'm perfectly happy with Limewire. It works fine for me. I'm also not a download hound, either. I download maybe once a month? Probably less.

And who cares if it's commercial? They haven't seen any money from *my* pocket, that's for sure.

2005-07-10 00:02:57 ET

I'm not criticizing you for using Limewire. I'm criticizing Limewire for anyone else who is not on a Mac and might have better options available. I'd say go for something open-source, preferably, something available through Sourceforge, where you can determine how active a project has been and maybe therefore the likelihood of seeing updates in the near future.

As far as them not seeing money from *your* pocket goes, even word-of-mouth without pay is good publicity for them, gaining them more users and therefore more ad click-through revenue and potential paid subscribers. I hate to see lesser software used in place of underdog, open-source software that deserves a broader user-base, active in beta testing and bug reporting.

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