2005-08-24 20:03:54 ET brain hurts. Just found out today that a friend of mine is no longer a friend. I certainly support them and wish them a fond farewell...and wish things would have ended better between us. But given the circumstances, I don't see how they could have. To be honest, I expected it much sooner.

Anyhow...onto other things. I finally got into badrap's pit ed class...but the just told me last night that I'm registered for class to start this saturday...for which I'm already booked in the am. ::sigh:: C'est la vie. I emailed the lady and told her that I didn't have enough notice, for the first class, but that I would most definately be able to make the next ones. So, hopefully they can just email me the info I will miss this weekend.

My plants are finally dying. They got these bugs that were eating the leaves, thus killing their light source, and the plants basil is completely dead...the summer savory is following close behind, and the mint is fighting, but I don't expect it to last more than a couple more weeks. I made some pesticide out of boiled garlic water and dish soap...and the bugs seem to be gone, now...but the plants are still floundering. The lack of sun also doesn't help. Will get plants that don't require a lot of light next time.

Maybe if we ever have a real summer again I will try for strawberries.

I went to Ikea this weekend...there is only one word for it: Horrifying.

I got some red drapes, a curtain rod, fur de lise curtain rod ender things, two red throw pillows and some wall brackets to hang shelves on in the kitchen.

I also plan to get a loft bed, however, they were out of them when I went...will call ahead when I have another chance to go down there...NOT on the weekend.

Monday was spent re-arranging the apt. Anyone who knows us and lives in the area should stop by soon. In fact, we want to have a dinner with nice wine and stuff, and I'm going to get floor pillows so we can sit around the coffee table thai style and eat. Anyhow, our apartment looks like something out of a furniature's almost like we moved...really cool. I can't wait to show off.

Whelp...smoky time. Hope all is well with everyone out there in cyberspace!

2005-08-24 23:36:56 ET

yer page hurts my eyes -dies- heh, I love re-arranging my rooms! Its so fun!

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