Kitchenware, Cooking, Hair, and UTI's
2005-12-26 15:44:17 ET

Christmas was soooo nice yesturday. My parents always make such an effort to make it special, no matter that I'm 24 :P I'm really excited about this book they got me that tells about all of the pagan sabbats/holidays, traditional games/food and bits of history. It's awesome. I have another one similar to that called "The Faery Party Book" that I also like a lot, but this one goes into so much more detail. It even has different embroidery patterns to make for each sabbat, which will be spectacular for when I quit smoking. The book says that the patterns they give are really simple and easy for beginners. WOO! Here's for another new hobby that will come from quitting smoking (last time I quit, I started reading again). This was the christmas for kitchenwares. I also got a bunch of potholders/oven mitts, a cooling rack, a cookie sheet (which I got early), a FREAKIN' TOASTER!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!! and the Sabbat book which, as I said, has a lot of mouth-watering recipes in it. OH yes...and lots and lots of CHOCOLATE. Not forgetting, of course, the usual scotch tape and pens (a tradition that started because I was the household tape and pen theif. I also used to get socks for the same reason).

The only thing that really sucks is that I ended up with a UTI somehow. It started showing up yesturday, and has gotten progressively worse. It's now at the point where I went out and got the pain meds for it. Hooray for orange pee!!! :D So I'm waiting for my prescription to be ready from the pharmacy, and I will be picking it up promptly. Thank god for over-the-phone treatment. Gods know I've had enough UTI's in my lifetime to know when I've got one.

I was supposed to go to the city and do some hair today, but, unfortunately, that won't be happening. It'll be tomorrow, instead. Cutting and coloring, hooray! :D Private clients are awesome :]

On another good note, Waylon got a gift cert. to Trader Joe's from his momma, so much grocery shopping was had. A few weeks ago, my parents gave me a cookbook that is specifically designed for couples who live together, including a separate set of instructions for each person to follow to get the meal prepared. We went through and found ones that sounded relatively easy, and made a meal schedule and ingredients list. Muwahaha! Horray for organization. Food plans are always difficult for us because it's usually chicken or pasta, and I can't tell you how much we loath those two items, atm. We bought almost no chicken this time, save for this yummy frozen mandarin orange chicken thing. YUM. ANyhow, so when we went in, we knew exactly what we were looking for, and didn't deviate from the list except for the orange chicken, peanut butter and jelly (which I think we had in stock when I made the list, hence my failure to note it). Amazingly, we didn't use up the whole gift card, even while getting enough food for two weeks.

Waylon has a friend over right now, and it's a little embarassing because I really don't feel like being social...which is why I'm in my room smoking cigaretts, drinking cranberry juice and posting journal entries :P

Anyhow, time to check for my prescription again :]

2005-12-27 07:26:15 ET

Your parents sound mad cool.

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