Man, my feet stink...
2006-02-21 17:29:11 ET

This is a little scary.

In the mean time, I will be having a very german dinner...keilbasa with sourkraut, steamed potatos and onions, green salad with all kindsa goodies...and yeah.

I are hungry, but I can't start cooking, yet, because the whole idea is to eat with Waylon, and he's not off for another half an hour.

I was thinking about going to this thing tonight that's in my neck of the woods, and I mean no disrespect to anyone involved, but I've turned into a lazy old biddy, so I'm afraid I will have to be there in spirit only. I really think it's awesome that peeps be opening their own clubs and DJing and doing all this crazy fun stuff, and I wish I had the energy to go out more, but I really don't. I barely have the energy to cook dinner :P Perhaps my quitting smoking this spring coupled with a healthier diet will help me in that area...but for's jammie-time.

2006-02-21 17:34:21 ET

wow...that is scary shit.

you ever feel like watching bush in his presidency is kind of like watching senator palpatine become the emperor in the Star Wars prequels?

2006-02-21 18:05:05 ET

haha...or watching Brazil.

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