PLan A
2007-03-01 18:07:50 ET

Ok, so after much deliberation, I've decided that one method of projecting confidence and professionalism is to be someone else when I'm at work. At work, I will be Hair Stylist Shan, we'll call her Shannie A. Shannie A. wears makeup, perfume, and styles her hair every morning. She dresses fashionably, and is successful and booked all the time. She can justify her decisions about price, color choice or product choice without stammering. She is a ball-busting super-stylist who will perform to the very utmost of her ability.

When she gets home and the costume comes off, then Shannie A turns back into Shannie B. The happy go-lucky hippie chick that doesn't wear makeup, brush her hair, and who isn't as confident and self assured as Shannie A.

Today is Day 1 of this experiment. If any of you lovely readers have any suggestions for a Plan B should this not work, please feel free to share them ;]

2007-03-01 18:36:08 ET

is there going to be some switch?
or is someone going to yell "and SCENE!" to which you will automatically become A and or B?

2007-03-02 08:30:00 ET

cute :p

2007-03-02 13:57:35 ET

i was originally going to ask if there was a pill you would take but...
thats overdone

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