Wakey Wakey...it's PUPPY TIME!!!
2002-11-15 10:55:14 ET

So our puppy is being ultra "PET MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" this mornin...heh...she woke me up at, like, 11 by trying to steal my spot on the bed...while I was still in it. Lol...she doesn't have the nickname "stinker" for nuthin'.

Oh, hey...its a groggy loki...i go :P

2002-11-15 10:55:55 ET

What kind of dog is it?

2002-11-15 11:49:51 ET

half beagle half pitbull. there's pics of her in my gallery

2002-11-15 11:52:13 ET

Awww, how adorable.

And Jesus, is that an Irish Wolfhound?

2002-11-15 11:56:44 ET

yesh, my old evil roommate has one. problem is now, my dog spent time growing up playfighting with the irish wolfhound so now she thinks she can take on anything.

2002-11-15 11:58:56 ET

I can imagine, those wolfhounds are massive.

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