Ms. CLEAN!!!
2002-11-16 14:42:04 ET

I just pretty much finished cleaning house :] 'Cept for stuff of Loki's I don't know what to do with.

I made a new firedancing mix today in the hopes of motivating me to start practicing again (new pic in gallery)...I think it'll work. I got some Oingo Boingo, Consolidated, TKK, Lords of Acid, Snog, Ice Cube, Iggy Pop, ICP, Tumor, Corroding Concience home made comp would be complete without Vanilla Ice - Ice, Ice, Baby! ;] Awwwwww, yeah.

So I decided to clean up a bit today...since most of the mess is mine, anyway (I am a recovering slob). I kept procrastinating all day (ie. the comp, d/ling songs, mixing etc). I totally could have been over and done with the cottage hours ago. The best part is, until he reads this at least, Loki will think I slaved away for hours...but in reality, all I did was work on it for about a half hour. HAH! Go me! I love living in a tiny place sometimes ;b

Anyhow...time for food and nicotine :]

2002-11-18 10:54:00 ET

Girl...we NEED to get together and spin!!!!!

2002-11-18 21:39:32 ET

YES! Must...burn...I practiced last night for the first time in, like...four or five months, probably longer. achey :P

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