2002-11-22 12:37:09 ET

So, like, the Hair Police is holding a class in LA LA land in Feb. It's three days long and they teach you everything they know about synthetic and human hair extensions, dreds and braids...and afterwards, they have job openings for people to do dreds and stuff...and even if they don't have any openings at the moment, it would be really cool to have on your resume.

YEEEEEEhaw...Ok...i guess that's it for now...time to prepare myself for work :P blargh

2002-11-24 19:10:14 ET

Im still suppose to meet up with that girl sometime... :) We may not need to pay for those classes.. they are wayyyyyy too 'spensive... Not to mention, we're over half way educated!! :)

2002-11-25 10:31:06 ET

this is true! Plus, I found that website you were talking about, i think...or at least one like it...that shows you the pinchbraid system...which is so easy it's scary. :P

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