Hocico :]
2002-11-27 12:01:23 ET

So the show was tight. Poor guy cut his hand up pretty bad...I'm so bad with names, but the guy that does the singin'.

Couldn't stay for Haujobb, cuz we wanted to get going...I wasn't too interested in staying for it, and niether was Dylan...Had we a car, things may have been different, but as we don't it was the way it was.

Psychlon 9 was good as per usual, and they seem to get better at every show they do. It's just wierd seeing that kid I knew as a goober when he was, like, 15 or 16, onstage as a big ol' rock star.

I was sposed to go talk to financial aid today, but I'm so miserable...fucking woke up with a cold...and my dumb ass agreed to take someone's shift tonight, cuz I need hours, and she needs to study...why-oh-why am I such a dork?

I'm a grumpoluphagus today

2002-11-27 14:01:23 ET

Erk is the singer and Racso is the keyboardist. ;)

Glad you guys finally got to see what the big deal is all about to me. *hugs*

2002-11-28 10:16:42 ET

Hehe, yeah...Dylan has been listening to them and stuff for a while, and I'll even put a tune or two on by them...But when they came out onto that stage it was so different...I had a new appreciation for them :]

Thank you for introducing me to them! ;]

Oh, and btw, I hope you have a Happy Turkey Day :]

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