2002-12-10 21:20:12 ET

So today was uber fun/undescribable...

I went to Fremont early to kick it with Starr a little before the P-Flag thing. We caught up, had coffee, smoked, and I had a blast hanging with her. I'm glad we hung out...it has been too long, and I hope we do it again really soon...

After coffee and talkiez with Starr, Shawn and I went to the pflag thing. It turned out it was mainly a celebration for a production done by the kids at Newark Memorial High called "The Laramie Project". It was about hate crimes...and the friends and family of the transgender teen that was murdered in Newark recently were there. (For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, this...guy physically, was a transgender, and apparently made a really good looking lady. At a party, she got hit on by some peers who didn't know her story. When they found out, they took her out into a garage somewhere, beat her to death, and hung her from a beam in the ceiling. Then took her body 150 miles away and buried her). It wasn't what I expected. I'm filled with this want to help stop all this hate. One of the speakers there made a really good point: "Love begets love, hate begets hate". Now, I want to join P-Flag and try to help. I'm straight, but gay issues have always been something that perplexed me...the first time I heard the term "Faggot" I asked my mom what it meant, and she said that it was a mean name for someone who loves someone of the same sex...I asked her what was wrong with that, and she said nothing, but not everyone thinks that way, unfortunately.

They had a band play called The Essex...they're very Green Day sounding, but I like Green Day, so I don't have a problem with that :] They wrote a song about being differences and deticated it to the mom of the kid who was murdered. Fucking ridiculous. I have no idea what would motivate someone to do something like that. If it's not something you're into, that's fine, but you don't need to fucking kill someone over some broken pride. God...what the hell is wrong with people?? GRRRRR....I can't talk about this anymore or I'll just get even more frustrated....better to do something to try to prevent it then sit around and be bitter about things you can't change.

HEY! Stock options packet from work!....going, now :]

2002-12-10 23:03:41 ET

Thats disturbing, I had no idea about the crime commited in Newark. I do find it abhorrent that someone can have such a complete inability to understand another's life choices, and could be so horribly intolerant that they could beat someone to death, THEN hang them, THEN bury them. I mean people worry about the random serial killer or psycho that breaks into your house or follows you down the street... but what about a group of people in a bar, or at a party? How careful does a person have to be?
Do we have to wear patches?
"Hello my name is _________ despite my appearance I am:________
"Transexual" "Homosexual" "Jew" "Hispanic" "African" "Asian"
Or maybe not divulge that except to our friends?


Anyways, I know that was an overreaction, but I just find that infuriating. At least people are doing something to fight it. It's cool that you want to help.
-The Joker

2002-12-11 07:06:12 ET

No, no, it's not an overreaction at all. It's totally a subject I get heated about, too. It's disgusting and nobody should ever be treated that way...but unfortunately, they're too worried about if they're gay cuz they kissed someone of their same sex...on the outside.

2002-12-11 17:32:26 ET

Yes yes... we need hangoutage more!!!!! *hugs and nuzzles*

2002-12-11 20:52:47 ET

I ask you again, lady...What are you doing saturday?? :]

2002-12-12 09:05:59 ET

Hrmm.. I Might be counterstriking, but, im going to a party Friday night and i have no clue what time I'll be home Saturday....

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