How's your caulk holding up?
2002-12-15 19:09:49 ET

So no more flooding...YAY!!! we will have TV again :]

I am very delirious atm. Went to bed at about 3am, as I'm really into the third book in the sleeping beauty trilogy by A.L. Raquelare (aka Anne Rice). It's good...n' like, this morning at 7, the director for the movie calls and is like, "It's not raining, we're shooting, PLEASe come...I tried to call you last night, but nobody picked up...pleeeeeeeeaaaaase, Shan?" SO I went...only to have the shoot rained out after two shots, and the actor I was doing makeup for didn't even get a chance to do his scenes. So it was pretty much a waste of time. Dammit.

Then I get to work and I'm all, "It's only four hours, you can do it." And someone calls in I have to stay until 8:30 instead of four. C'est la vie.

Anyhow, time for food :] Haven't eaten today, either.

2002-12-15 19:23:02 ET

oi. bread.

2002-12-16 10:48:04 ET

bread is good :]

2002-12-17 09:01:05 ET

mmmyep. I like those soft little rolls you cang et for like a buck fifty. Hmm. sweet yummy.

2002-12-17 11:37:34 ET

lol, totally! :]

2002-12-18 20:04:45 ET

anne rice is a great writer.

2002-12-18 21:42:24 ET

I usually cant get inti her work, actually. I couldn't get throught the vampire chronicles to save my life. This is the first work by her that I've even tried to read since. I may check out some of her other stuff. Any recommendations?

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