Stupid rain...
2002-12-16 10:55:34 ET

So we flooded...AGAIN. And it was totally worse, with a river going from the place where the water was coming in, to the front door. Grrr...

Our land lady is gonna let us stay in the main house until we get it fixed...she's having someone come out later on this afternoon. In the meantime, we're gonna move our precious items from the cottage into the little room. Hopefully they don't need me to move my bed, cuz I don't really have a place for it. (The room in the main house is furnished...And it's really cute, but I like the cottage better :P)

I felt sorry for Loki's friend, Big J. She had the worst day yesturday...someone stole her purse and was using her cards, so she was broke, and came over to borrow some gas mula and chill for a bit...but ended up mopping the water up.

I realised this morning at about 4am that I haven't really slept in three days. So I called in flooded and sleepy into work and everything is groovy, as I'm off tomorrow. Losing a good 8 hours at work, but I'll be alright, cuz the week of xmas I'm getting a full 30 hours.

Anyhow...better start moving stuff...not sure if what I heard was rain or wind.


2002-12-16 13:28:11 ET

what a mess hun! *big hugs* I hope everything gets fixed up alright!!! If you guys need help..lemme know i can bart up anytime this week i think....

2002-12-16 17:29:42 ET

Thank you! :] Yeah, we're gonna stay in the main house. Our land lady has another room that's not being rented atm, so we're staying in there until the rains stop so that she can get someone in there to fix it.

Until then, the guy who's doin' the fixin' has some ideas that might help. The big problem is that our back yard drains from back to front and in the house behind us and one of our neighbors, their back yards drain into *our* back we had three back-yards worth of water coming in last night :P

But we're groovy, now...if it floods again, everything that's worth something is up off the ground, so if it floods again, it won't be a problem...we'll just leave it until we can get it fixed...

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