Xmas :]
2002-12-25 20:07:51 ET

Sykospark is so cool for doing santa-cock and decorating the site according to the seasons. It hella rules...

Christmas was good. Would have been better if the place hadn't flooded and robbed loki and I of sleep and sanity.

But on the plus side, we're definately not in short supply of chocolate or dreyers ice cream gift cert.'s. Time to smoke some pot :P

We went to his mom's last night for dinner and presents, which was so yummy. Today, we went to my parents' house for brunch, movie, and dindinz. It was awesome...it was good to see my family again...with everything that's been going on, it's been almost two weeks...I haven't even had much time to call them :[

Anyhow...I hope everyone's various holidays were awesome and filled with loved ones and good food :] Loki is chewing on my neck...fuckin' wierdo...

OK...so we finish cleaning the place as soon as I'm done with the computer (which is why I'm taking so long)...and it's LOTR tomorrow with mumsy! YAYYYY!!! n'stuff

Can't wait until next payday when I can hopefully get a new celphone...dammit. I feel nekkid without it.

LoL...Stinker is so funny...she got so many toys for christmas she can't decide which one to play with :P

ok...i go.

2002-12-26 04:45:49 ET

I'm not Santa Cock. I'm serious.
But I'm glad you like the subk.net winter theme. I think that's pretty, too. :)
mmm LOTR

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