2003-01-02 16:18:47 ET


My best friend just fucking joined the goddamn army. She's on delayed leave or something, meaning she won't leave for about a month or so for boot camp. SHE CANT FUCKING GO! GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!

What the fuck am I gonna do without her???? FUCK...

I'm proud of her courage, and I want her to succeed and do what she wants to do and all that good shit...but I just don't want her to go...she's almost my entire support system...outside of Loki and my family. I don't want a new best friend, I want HER. dammit...

I'm being selfish, I know...but I don't know what I'm gonna do without her....::sob::

2003-01-02 18:39:30 ET

Don't hate the military...hate the current regime (Bush admin)!

"I love my country, but I fear my government."

2003-01-02 19:03:04 ET

no, i hate the military cuz she's joining it...I hate bush, too...but the military is the one who's sucking my friend away from me :[

2003-01-02 19:16:24 ET

I love you Shan, but you are wrong. Your friend made a choice to join the military, she wasn't drafted. The draft ended after Vietnam. If you want to make a difference, question the government that controls the military.

btw, come to my party! =D

2003-01-02 19:42:47 ET

yeah, you're just having the worst time dealing with this....

i'm hoping to...but i have a family thing to do earlier that day and have no idea what time i'll be getting back or if ill be able to hitch a ride whenever that i have to get up early for a shoot the next day...but we shall see :]

2003-01-02 20:41:09 ET

if you need transport, i may be able to hook you up! just let me know.

2003-01-03 08:12:53 ET me your number, and I'll call you when I get back to letcha know.

2003-01-03 09:26:09 ET

I love the military. It gives direction and ored to those without it in their lives. Anyways, what is your friend doing in the Army? What job is she doing?

2003-01-03 13:50:57 ET

*hug* The best you can do is support her in her decision. I understand you dont want her to go, but if this is going to make her happy... Then it's her choice, and as her best friend, I'm sure she'll need/want your support! And it's totally hard.. I completely understand you! *more hugs* I don't like war either.
My brother just joined, he was just shipped off to bootcamp about a week ago and I havent seen him for over a year :( (brother on my step dads side...)

But hang in there.

2003-01-03 14:51:49 ET

Vasa: She was saying something about going into the medical feild. Not that she would end up on the front lines, cuz she's a woman...for once I am glad for a sexist rule.

Starr: Yeah, I hope she enjoys it. She wants to travel and will enjoy that aspect. Her bro just went to boot camp, too. Ugh...It just sucks that she's leaving...

2003-01-03 20:01:18 ET

*hugs* At least when she does visit it will make hanging out with her a million times funner? At least that's what i find when i get to hang with good friends that have moved far away...

2003-01-03 20:34:56 ET

Yeah, this is true...I saw her tonight, and I feel much better about things. I think she'll like it, or at least grow to like it. Plus, she can do some good for the world if this war shit ever ends (ie. a missionary station or something).

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