HO hum
2003-01-08 17:13:07 ET

So today was remarkably better. Went by really fast, and I'm home an hour earlier then I thought I would be...it's only 8pm here...

My parents weren't in such sour moods, and although I was bored, it wasn't painful like yesturday. I guess young people bounce back from long trips better than old fogies.

Anyhow...gonna go read and have a smoke and stuff for a bit...yeah, n;stuff...gonna come online and virtually attack loki around nine or so, ca time.

2003-01-09 00:50:24 ET

Wait..where are you again???? Im confused! Did you get to hang with Daniele?

2003-01-09 07:09:46 ET

I'm in Phoenix (AZ is an hour ahead for this half of the year, and on the same time after this coming daylight savings)...Ihaven't gotten to hang out with Danielle, yet. We're gonna see how she feels tomorrow, cuz she's sickiepoo :[

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