2003-01-10 08:07:53 ET

My last day here...I am both happy and upset about it. Happy, cuz I get to get to see my Loki and our little one, more comfy bed, and don't have to wait for an opportunity to smoke...i wont be bored all the time, and I won't have to share a space with my parents, and I can check out that beauty acadamy that's sposed to be opening up near my house.

Bad, because I don't know if I'll ever see my grampa again, and i have to go back to the job that annoys me, the money issues waiting for me there, and beginning a semester at a new school...scary stuff, man.

We went to the most industrial place yesturday...You're gonna laugh when I first say it, but the Phoenix library looks like it was designed by rivetheads. I will scan and post pics at some point.

Ok...back really hurts from sitting...gonna go fix my dreds, which got fuzzy...Starr, how do you keep your dreds from getting fuzzy???

2003-01-10 11:08:03 ET

Well, when making them, make sure you back-tease the fuck out of them first, and I'm constantly re-heat sealing them with the crimper when I see one that's getting too many strays comming off them.

2003-01-10 18:01:23 ET

oh, I'm a's not the synth dreds that are's my hair wrapped around that's coming out...Im probably gonna go ahead and dred them, though, cuz they're dredding on their own already, on account of my hair being uber dry.

2003-01-10 20:45:08 ET

your own hair: keep twisting them, and heat them while they are twisted by slideing a crimper down them :) I dont like bees wax..gets on my face and makes it feel all oily... and this way i can take the dreads out, give my scalp a scrubbin' and they are still there :)

2003-01-10 21:26:14 ET

ok...will try that :]

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