2003-01-19 19:41:20 ET

The Envelope, Please...

2003-01-19 19:50:28 ET

hmmmmmm didnt show up
are you typing in the url/code right?

2003-01-19 19:58:13 ET

it didn't show up the first time I tried it, but then I edited the entry and typed in the correct code...is it visible, now?

2003-01-19 20:00:58 ET

yeah! thats really neat

2003-01-19 20:21:29 ET

thanks! The font didn't come out as clear as I'd hoped, but It's not too bad :]

2003-01-20 00:59:20 ET

Shan - you rule so much! Do you have pix up online? I wanna do one for yew tew!!!!

2003-01-20 08:54:39 ET

just the ones in mi gallery...I'm gonna get a web site together, though within the next few days, tho. Oh, I was meaning to ask you...when you bought the gateway, did we give you any cds for a Logitech QuickCam? Just wondering :]

2003-01-20 10:01:06 ET

no, you didn't - but I have a logitech, that's what i've been useing and I have the cd if you need it.

2003-01-20 11:37:44 ET

Who is that pic of?

2003-01-20 11:39:31 ET

Me :)

2003-01-20 11:40:04 ET

Ooo really?? I like it alot, especially the hair :))

2003-01-20 11:41:41 ET

Thanksh! Shan did great work!

2003-01-20 11:45:59 ET


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