2003-01-28 10:31:10 ET

So I had an interview at Tully's Coffee today...I really would prefer to not work at all...But, unfortunately, unlike SOME people, I can't afford to :P ::pthththththpt's on loki::

Anyhow, I think the interview went pretty well. The manager is a nice guy, and I think I like having guy managers vs. girl managers...I seem to get along better with guys than girls, sometimes. /me is a tomboy at heart :P

I wish I could apply at this really awesome coffee shop around the corner from school called Au Coquelet (sp?). But not only are they never hiring, but they would probably laugh at my coffee experience. :P

Anyhow...I have a half hour til it's time to go to work...what should i do...hrm...GET DRUNK!!! yah...:P

2003-01-29 08:43:51 ET

damn how im searching for a job but have no idea what to look for for the most part. No other real experience i suppose.

2003-01-29 12:44:05 ET

a good starting point are pet stores and grocery stores. They're not the best work, but they will hire people who don't have a lot to put on their resume.

2003-01-29 16:06:29 ET

cool thanks. Yeah im looking into the whole foods supermarket.

2003-01-29 20:42:34 ET

good luck!!! ;]

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