2003-01-29 08:39:41 ET

The starbucks drama continues...

She has scheduled me for...14...count them FOURTEEN fuckin' hours next week...that's barely even a hundred bucks, yo, after taxes and stuff...grrr...im so out of there...writing me letter of resignation today...

anyhow...in other news, when I went over to my parents' house the other day, I forgot my cellyphone there...but yesturday...my mom and mika came out and gave it to me...ALLTHE WAY out here from their house...it was so nice of them.

Anyhow...smokietime...no more smokie in da house...

2003-01-29 08:42:26 ET

hmm i wanted a cigarette this morning but woke up too late for one. stupid sleep. Hmmm. Starbucks? ick.

2003-01-29 08:58:04 ET

I hear starbux pays better than most places.
Have you asked them for more hours? Maybe you can work at two starbucks locations to make the hours ?

2003-01-29 12:42:17 ET

syko: unfortunately thats a rumor thats not true :[ they pay above min. wage, but not by a whole lot. The benefits are awesome, though...stock options, 401k, medical, vision and dental all with 20hrs/wk.

i've told my manager on several occasions that i need a lot of hours, cuz this job is my only income, but she chopped them in half, anyway. She has a history of pulling this kind of stuff, tho.

2003-01-29 19:28:00 ET

that sucks. damn.

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