NOT a morning person
2003-02-05 05:42:51 ET

It is now 7:30am and I want to kill something. FUCK WAKING UP THIS EARLY! grrrrr...

The other dog, not Ashby, that lives in the main house, chewed up a mask that our director made for halloween from that movie, Night was of the red guy. I wasn't aware that it was still here, I thought Waylon had taken it with him when he left. I know it wasn't Ashby, though, cuz she hasn't been out by herself since last night, and it wasn't there last night.

Anyhow...time for breakfast.

2003-02-05 05:53:26 ET

what are you having?

2003-02-05 13:38:58 ET

I was gonna have cereal, but I ran out of time :[ Time for a sammich, now!! :]

2003-02-05 18:54:18 ET

hmm... should've had cocoa pebbles

2003-02-05 19:14:48 ET

yeah...if i had cocoa pebbles :P

2003-02-06 05:53:26 ET

thats a shame. everyone should have them.

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