Bizarre thought...
2003-02-10 16:17:30 ET

I'm in the middle of a test makeup for the movie I'm helping with, and the actor is sitting in the studio with rubber molds being glued to his face and he goes,

"You know...other people in the world are going about their lives...having dinner, making business deals, waging wars...and here I am, sitting in a wierd room holding rubber pieces to my face. And you know, in the afterlife, people were presidents, famous actors/actresses...but I will be the guy who sat in a wierd room holding rubber pieces to my face."

Hehe...he's cool...

2003-02-10 16:35:09 ET

I love actors. hehe

2003-02-10 17:53:53 ET

yeah, they have bizarre thoughts, lol :]

2003-02-10 18:43:07 ET

Yeah, and like theater actors are so funny. They are so out there. They are loud, constantly happy, and sometimes annoying. gotta love em though.

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