2003-02-10 18:00:58 ET

Phew...all done with the test for now...good thing we tested it, too, cuz we found a few things that need to be changed about the latex molds...yay..

Enough technical jargon...So a while ago when I was jobhunting...i think I was on flipdog.com or monster...one of those job search engines...and I filled out an application for a modeling job...I never heard back, so i figured they had already filled the spot...but I got a phone call today from them saying they want to schedule me for an open call and evaluation. I'm debating if I want to do that...I would have a lot more free time, probably...not sure....I think I'll at least meet with the woman and see what kind of things they'd want from me (ie: money/time/travel). I don't think they'll take me, though, cuz I'm too big boned for runway, and not very photogenic...but we'll see.

Anyhow...I have dreds to make, so I run...wewt!!! :]


2003-02-10 18:27:14 ET

nuh uh! I think you'd get the job, from what I've seen you're lovely.

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