2003-02-16 21:42:15 ET

guh...so drained...movie is killing me. I think I'm going to explode...I need a friggin day off...I had my first day off in, like, three weeks yesturday. It was loveley. Only one week of shooting left...::prays to god it goes smoothly and that he doesn't need anymore footage any time soon::

Things other than that are ok...I have the blues, but I think it's the business driving me insane.

Got two hours of sleep last night, and then had a long day of shooting...and took a two hour nap...can't sleep now...puppy is taking up the entire bed.

gonna take sleepytime meds and hope for some Z's.

2003-02-18 23:17:37 ET

2003-02-19 18:07:36 ET

That is the cutest thing ever!!

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