Wewt for nuthin.
2003-02-23 18:15:36 ET

Been doing nothing all day, but sitting around, drinking, watchin' moovies...takin naps...and stuff...

it's nice.

2003-02-23 18:16:57 ET

See.. I do that stuff, but then feel as if I wasted the day..

2003-02-23 18:59:44 ET

oh my god...its totally not a waste if its your second day off in, like a month.

2003-02-23 19:18:30 ET

I didn't mean that you wasted your day.

2003-02-23 21:29:44 ET

oh, lol...i didn't think that. I'm sorry...yeah, I totally didn't think that at all. I was just pointing out my experience. I've been on the other end of the fence, though, where I would do nothing and feel that my day was wasted. Sorry bout that!

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