Peanut butter JELLLAY!
2003-02-25 11:04:20 ET

Yum...PBJ yeah...

Went to DG last night for the first time in AGES...I had SO much fun it was disgusting. I spent a lot of time upstairs catching up with everyone, but I managed to dance to a few songs...It's good excercise, yo...gotta think of it as an excersize regime and not clubbing, so I won't put it on low priority.

It was super good to see Starr, Mel, Danielle #3, East Bay Steve, Lauralady, Diana...everyone :]

This guy named Johnny that I dated a while back hit on me over and over...I thought I was gonna punt him :[ He came up to me, and the first thing he said, instead of "hi" was "Are you single, yet?" And I told him, no, and he was like, "oh, damn...ok" and proceeded to tell me the goings on of his life...not that I could hear him...anyhow, later on I was standing outside with mel and a couple others when johnny came up behind me and kicked me flirtatiously in the knowing what to do, but knowing i had to let him know that wasn't cool, i turned around and said, "hey, man...this ass is OWNED!" Left me feeling uncomfortable around him until he left...but then east bay steve came and took pictures of us all bein' I have to go steal them from his page soon.

Oh, crap...not, now, though...gotta get ready for hell...grr :[

2003-02-25 11:25:50 ET

2003-02-25 20:34:06 ET

Hehe...yes! that video rocks! :]

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