Check it
2003-02-26 07:56:19 ET

Two new pics :P

2003-02-26 09:57:15 ET

I love the one of you on Halloween really cool! :)

2003-02-26 09:57:55 ET

sanku!! :] It's one of my favorites, too :]

2003-02-26 11:41:10 ET

Your hair is really neat! I wish I had cool hair like that.

2003-02-26 12:24:05 ET

hehe...check out this site it will teach you how :]

2003-02-26 12:54:00 ET

Ooo thanks! I'm lazy though and have no money to buy hair crap like that. Plus I'd probably fuck it up. lol

2003-02-27 00:51:37 ET

Awww, don't worry about fucking up. Luckily synthetic hair (as shown in my photos) is really cheap, so if you fuck up it's not a huge loss. Practice makes perfect! I didn't make dreds like that the first time I did fact, I'm ashamed to admit that I tried using gel to make synthetic dreds :P As far as finding the hair, this site has an awesome variety of hair of all different types for decent prices if you ever come across any money :]

2003-02-27 11:37:10 ET

OOOO. I really want hot pink and clear tubing-dreads. So cool. But thanks for all the info!

2003-02-27 20:21:55 ET

hehe...right on...that sounds awesome :] n/p...if you ever have anymore questions, lemme know :]

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