2003-02-28 20:51:43 ET

I need some good old fashioned rock and roll. The kind you can't find anymore but that was rampant in the 80's/90's...dammit.

I'm listening to some hocico right now, cuz i need something kinda angry...but it's not angry enough...I want screaming, grinding guitars, and the old cliche drum beat...

2003-03-01 11:15:25 ET

Go with Biopsy

nice hard Guitar, plus the industrial Dance beats

Oooh or Some Psalm 69 ministry

2003-03-01 15:36:31 ET

hehe, ended up going with ministry last night...but I will get some biopsy, too. Thanks! :]

2003-03-02 06:41:40 ET

i already have biopsy on the puter =P

2003-03-02 08:22:46 ET

well :P, i didnt find any :P

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