2003-03-03 11:11:59 ET

Slept through school today...dammit...oh, well...I guess I needed the sleep, then :P

Anyhow, loki is making me a tubularly cool firedancing mix :] yay for moooosique.

not much to say today :P

Oh, yeah...and my back hurts.

2003-03-03 12:39:36 ET

Once the rains let up, we totally need to start practicing again...!!!

2003-03-04 01:59:46 ET

yes, dude...i totally agree! I miss it a lot. I haven't been motivated to practice lately, cuz there isn' t a good place in my yard.

2003-03-04 09:54:32 ET

We can totally practice in the street here :)

Of course, once the weather is better, Ocean Beach is calling us for many nights!!!

2003-03-04 09:58:02 ET

::in her morpheus voice:: yessss :] It's all about ocean beach, yo!!! :]

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