2003-03-18 19:06:01 ET

pics of my mom's piznuppy...go look...

Anyhow, went to the doctor, and there are three possibilities:

1. A Virus
2. A stress related syndrome
3. Pregnancy, although that one isn't probable, in my doc's opinion.

Gotta go get tests done tomorrow. ::Sigh:: what a pain in the ass. I hate going for stuff like that alone...makes me feel all...alone...and stuff. Not to mention that it doesn't say anywhere in my insurance info. that lab tests are covered or not covered...it just plain doesn't say. So i have no idea if this is going to cost me an assload of money or not.

I have no idea how I'm gonna make it through class tomorrow. I'm so far behind, now in ASL, I dont know if I can catch up. I shall try.

Anyhow...time for food.

2003-03-18 22:42:24 ET

Awwwe~! Sorry that you're all sick like.

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