2003-03-20 17:22:36 ET

SO I was sposed to go hang with my friend Melanie, but those stupid protesters have shut down most of SF, and even some of downtown berkeley. I know their hearts are in the right places, but they're disrupting people's lives. I mean, there are people trying to go pick up their kids, to go to doctor's appt.'s, or even simply trying to get home. Not to mention that over 1,000 of them have been arrested.

My personal hope, is that they'll get this dickhead out of power without hurting too many people. So far, there haven't been any casualties...so I'm hoping the trend continues.

Anyhow...the news is boring...there's nothing going on, atm...just moving stuff...in fact, the newscasters on CNN are so bored, they're talking about all the antenni on the tanks. ::shakes head and shuts of TV::

Well, i guess the protests in berkeley didn't shut down classes for the evening. Loki has classes tonight, and he's not home, so I'm assuming classes weren't cancelled (the protesters had parts of downtown berkeley shut down as well).

My hair still isn't here :[ Usually I have it by now, but not this week. Here's hopin' for tomorrow...

In other news, my store is cutting back our hours of operation. Week after next we will start closing a half an hour earlier than usual. YAY!!!! ::excited:: this rocks my world, cuz I always have to get up early the next day after closing.

ok...gonna go do something more productive...like...CHECKING EMAIL! :]

2003-03-20 17:27:09 ET

I like all your new pics!! How tall are you? I'm a tall rivetchix0r too!

2003-03-20 17:28:27 ET

lol, right on! I'm 6'3"...and you?? ::gets excited:: it's all about the amazon ladies, man!!

2003-03-20 17:30:49 ET

aww i'm only 5'10".. in flat feet tho ^_^
hair and boots usually push me over 6"

Insomnia and Storm tower over me, though!
I think Insom is about 6'2" and Storm is 6'3"?

2003-03-20 18:24:43 ET

right on!!! You're still tall, tho!! hehe rock on! ;]

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