2003-03-29 10:38:45 ET

So the router died...or something. Cuz my computer no longer has the internet. Which is very frustrating, as Loki is on his computer toup la temps.

Gonna relax today...fix my "hippie" skirt, get my burgundy hair in...and friggin re-fuggin-lax. Yesturday was rough. I wasn't able to sleep, then I had work from 10:3-5, and right after that, class. Sux0rz. A day of complaining, a day of annoying myself and my coworkers...almost getting in an argument with one of them because of my "negative attitude".

grrr...stupid hippie...

Anyhow...it's over and done with...I have to learn how to let stuff go. I am a very negative person, and that never used to be so. What happened to make me so grumpy all the time?

Well, time to start the day (at nearly 1pm, god that's divine)

2003-03-29 11:32:19 ET

Did you try resetting the router? Did your connection go out, cause if it did, you usually have to reset it... happens here all the time.

Are you free thursday? Alice and AcceleratedState are coming up to the bay..

2003-03-29 19:09:26 ET

ooooh...thursday i get off of work at 9:45 (they changed our store hours...wewt!!) So, probably :] I have to make sure, first. ::hug::

2003-03-29 21:07:52 ET

let me know!

2003-03-30 09:52:38 ET

okies! :]

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