2003-04-06 12:06:51 ET

My nipples are a success!! I'm so glad I did it! :]

For those of you who don't know:
I went to an aphrodesiac class hosted by my local occult store a few months back. In the hand-out that was given, there was a recipe for something called "Pele's Nipples", and a sample of them were brought to the class, as well. They are very scrumptious. The ingredients are very simple: Raw, unsalted Macadamia nuts, honey, and hawaiian salt. Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain Hawaiian salt, so I used regular table salt, which works just fine, although they don't taste the same. But they are still delicious.

Anyhow, the moral of the story: I will be sending these out in a care package to my friend Elisserspits tomorrow, and made plenty, so I will have some left over (HOORAY! I GET NIPPLES!!). If I make it out to DG on monday night, I may bring some with me (so all you curious kiddies can taste the wonderfullness that is "Pele's Nipples")...we shall see if there are any left by that time :P

Ok...time for a shower :]

2003-04-06 21:05:03 ET

Those sound really good

2003-04-07 20:49:32 ET

I'll trade my nipples for some of those.

2003-04-08 07:28:47 ET

haha! I think you'd better hang on to your nipples :P

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