2003-04-12 08:16:47 ET

shoot me

2003-04-12 08:25:12 ET

i say that to myself and whoever's listening all the time

2003-04-12 08:56:18 ET

haha...yeah, me too...especially on days like this when its raining and I'm exausted, and I have to go to work :P

2003-04-12 09:04:53 ET

rain and work do not mix, plus exhaustion. i'll take a Super Soaker and shoot you. a little wake-up call maybe...and motivation.

2003-04-12 09:19:08 ET

lol!!! Fill it with coffee and shoot it straight into my mouth :P

2003-04-12 09:35:09 ET

:D will do!

2003-04-12 10:31:32 ET

uhm... no. wait..lemme think about it....

no. definately no.

2003-04-12 15:27:54 ET

haha, starr...I don't know if I should be insulted by the fact that you had to think about it :P j/k

BIG HUGE HAPPY BDAY HUGSORZ, LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah...see ya tonite! :]

2003-04-13 00:43:11 ET

*so* happy you came.. I'm just sad I didn't get to spend quality time with everyone.. but im happy that everyone was there! WE WILL GO ROLLER SKATING AGAIN!!!

2003-04-13 12:18:27 ET

I'm happy I came, too!!! I'm just sorry that I had to leave so early :[

2003-04-13 17:41:40 ET

Its ok... I was glad to see ya!!! :)

There's a cute pic of us on my most recent post! :)

2003-04-13 18:30:27 ET

hehe, I saw!! I put it in my gallery! :]

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