A poem for a a friend.
2011-03-03 09:09:03 ET

I feel the blade against my arm
I feel the pressure, I mean no harm
Red tears fall from my skin
All over my arm where the blade has been
I still feel it there
But I no longer care
In here it's my own space
I have no need to hide my face
I pull down my sleeve, I'm not proud
There's someone outside they're getting loud
It's time to get up and open the door
I'm still tired and my arm is sore
But I no longer feel the anxity
It all goes away as the blood flows from me
Almost at the door
Blood is dripping on the floor
getting very dizzy now
I want to ask for help but don't know how
This time I must have gone too deep
I don't want to fall asleep
Starting to fade away
everything I see is turning gray
When they find the keys and open the door
Here is where they'll find me...
dead on the floor

2011-03-03 09:33:31 ET

Your poems are really good. I like this one especially.
Keep posting!

2011-03-03 09:35:58 ET

:-) thank you very much.

2011-03-03 09:37:24 ET

I will make sure to post more.

2011-03-03 09:40:04 ET

if you like this one I have another about the same topic but it isn't as straight forward.

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