A poem I wrote on the first anniversary of my mom's death.
2011-03-04 12:15:29 ET

Since You've Left Me

It's been a year since you've left me now
And I still don't know why or how
I have been ok I guess
I'm not so sure about the rest
This life is like a test
And I swear I'm trying my best
Although my best is no longer enough
I will try my best to be tough
I miss you so much words cannot explain
But that doesn't stop the shit I have to face again
Your body still remains with me
But I smile because I know your soul is free
Some believe your in a better place
I think your somewhere with a new face
Somewhere different with a new beginning
A place where I hope you will have a happier ending
A place with much less rain
And a life with much less pain

2011-03-07 08:12:09 ET

You are a true artist.

2011-03-07 12:38:36 ET

thank you. I in no way consider myself an artist though.

2011-03-08 08:37:02 ET

I have to disagree and agree with rhys...you are an artist

2011-03-08 08:38:03 ET

gah double post

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