2011-03-18 10:30:00 ET

After months of trying and applying at so many different places and calling and having them call me and not want me I finally have a job interview. :-D tomorrow at four at this place :) http://www.petparadiseresort.com/
the girlfriend is going to get me dressed and ready and put make-up on me... ( not liking that 100% but i will live :-D) hopefully they like me. I will probably take my piercings out for the interview and I can cover one tattoo. really nervous about this.

2011-03-18 11:09:51 ET

Definitely no piercings for an interview, even if you think you might be able to get away with it while working.

And is that job basically just playing with a bunch of dogs for money?

2011-03-18 11:22:00 ET

just took out my lip ring and switched it to one that's easier to take in and out the other two are already easy to take out.

And it's not just playing with dogs for money. they have cats too :-)

2011-03-18 11:25:46 ET

and I really hope I get it because I would absolutely love to play with dog's all day.

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