2002-07-02 08:09:59 ET

Guess what, friends? I have decided to grace all of you with a wonderful journal post from yours truly, Letrasiant!! Many many things have happened since my last post, and I'm prepared to not divulge any of that to you.

Instead I'm going to share my coloured Pinkbunny comics with you. They were originally done in black and white but I got so many drooling requests for colour that I finally conceded. Here is the wonderful PB in action, the way you love it:


2002-07-02 08:37:32 ET

I like that. It's really nice. Well, so to speak as far as blood, guts, and pink bunnies go. I might check out your site later. Right now I have some personal demons to push back. Very good though, I like it.

2002-07-02 09:32:51 ET

Thanks. You are now a number among the millions of viewers of the Pinkbunny saga, welcome aboard.

2002-07-02 18:40:51 ET

JESUS. I loved that...
Uh... how many different band t-shirts is Draque wearing in all those frames anyway?

2002-07-02 22:35:24 ET

I made a piccy-ture for you. It was 3am, I was listening to Oingo Boingo and Orgy, I had a "happy birthday" pencil, a bic pen, and a marker pen... so I started... I apologise for the bunny. It looks fine in pencil, but as I'm sure you know, when you fill in black beside things with a black outline, it tends to mess things up, and I took none of this into consideration. It iz on my msn photos free for the viewing:*EtEZjHm6cpqY2qTksA!TLZGkq76ETuMK*rhHC!s4CE1nvx4Snx*33BvU4KFRqjzuL0pY5uReGoKsYtFe5np9NbQKy1bLVWO9DyfdFhkZbeDOUHxBfPzuDqqYyspTh5* Just click on the ridiculously large url to view. Steal as you like. Weeee...

2002-07-03 03:54:57 ET

Faint-- Three. And only one of them is a band T-shirt :P

7Zee-- Holy Mother-shutyourmouth! No one has ever made anything like that for me before.. thank you! I now owe you one of my organs or something, correct?

2002-07-03 08:25:50 ET

Just your spleen. Hehe... I kid. It kept me busy for 1/2 hour or so, so I guess that's payment enough; to keep my mind off of the incredibly ultra-bad doomy doom day I had. Weee...

2002-07-03 08:27:28 ET

*offers you her kidney* It's all I have left...

2002-07-03 08:29:30 ET

lol keep the kidney, I have a couple of my own ^.^ Wanna see photos of the cute lil' buggers? *pulls out her wallet and shows you photos of them playing in the yard* Cute lil' kidneys, ain't they?

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