2002-07-07 19:29:59 ET

I am completely and utterly in love. I met him on Wednesday, and now, on Sunday night, we are closer than I have ever been with anyone. Sigh... I'm turning fucking emo on you all.

2002-07-07 19:46:07 ET

Should we euthanase you?

2002-07-07 19:53:23 ET


*mouth burns at the word "emo"*

2002-07-07 20:11:22 ET

*twitches* please.. getting out.. acoustic guitar.. love...songs.. spilling from my mouth...ARRRGGHHh!!h!!

2002-07-07 20:34:50 ET

/me administers nikotene and kaffeine and STARTS STOMPING and MAKING INDUSTRO-NOIZE.

There y'go, that will help. Maybe put hair between y'er toes, too.

2002-07-07 20:35:31 ET

Unless you're straight-edge too, in which case you will never recover.

2002-07-08 20:32:17 ET

hehe.. i AM straight edge, as a matter of fact.. ^_^

It's ok, I'll survive.. just need to listen to a few hours' worth of Wumpscut and Icon of Coil... boom chukka boom chuk..

2002-07-08 22:33:01 ET

...or you could always become a Navy Seal/Delta Force/Ranger. That would knock the emo right outta ya'.

2002-07-10 10:02:13 ET

err... I think I'll pass....

2002-07-10 10:37:38 ET

I figured.

2002-07-10 10:51:32 ET

emo is sweaters for you.

2002-07-10 19:21:47 ET

sorry.. I just hate the army..

2002-07-10 20:40:34 ET

Oh, well, to each their own, but remember that they have, in the past, defended the country, regardless of all the "peacekeeping" bullshit that the politicians make them do these days.

So... maybe not hate the army, but hate the thought of yourself being part of the army?

2002-07-11 18:30:20 ET

I hate it all. I am a machine of hate. Grar.

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