2002-07-12 21:42:53 ET


someone please help me die...

2002-07-12 21:53:55 ET

/me cheers you on and offers various encouraging words!

Wait, wait, that kind of thing doesn't work. Uh... I have this 4-inch serated pocket-knife... it flips out, much fun... wanna play with it?


It's exactly the same, except that mine would have a clip on the side that is showing in that picture.

2002-07-12 21:56:04 ET

Ack! That link is PINK!

2002-07-12 21:59:23 ET

Is this entry still in reference to the being "in love" thing? Hard to be an angry machine-person when you're under mind control, isn't it? :P

2002-07-21 11:09:17 ET

yess. you are correct in all of your replies. Thank you for playing and please accept this plastic watch as a token of our gratitude.

sigh.. so many many things have been going on... too much to type up in a silly journal..

2002-07-21 16:43:59 ET

Aww, but I've already got a plastic watch!

2002-07-22 13:14:03 ET

Take it anyway.. ^_^

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