2005-01-14 17:19:42 ET

yeah yeah, i'm still alive. people just need to say something interesting.

2005-01-14 17:22:42 ET

one time i went to office max, while I was there I exchanged an empty ink cartridge for a free bindle of paper!!!!!@!!!!!!!! omfg!!

2005-01-14 19:22:06 ET

*casts lvl 99 fuck of the beyondness*

2005-01-15 07:28:07 ET

you guys win.

2005-01-15 08:50:55 ET

I put on my robe and wizard hat.

2005-01-15 23:59:32 ET

you are interesting!

2005-01-16 07:11:20 ET


2005-01-16 12:13:59 ET

so we have wizards and pirates now. all we need next is an anthropomorphic furry/fairy with 6 penises, and we're set!

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