At the request of my fans...
2002-07-22 13:28:28 ET

*looks pointedly at Faint* Some people have been asking for a decent post from me, so I will concede.

First: Remember my emo post a little while ago? That was the result of a new love. He's perfect... we both love Tool, mozarella sticks, guitar... everything. We have the same sense of humour and just clicked right away.

there was a little piece of information that he failed to tell me when we first became involved. He wasn't completely over his ex, with whom he had been with for over two years and still loved very much. Now she wants him back and he's starting to have second thoughts about us and it's a big mess.

Basically, he's considering leaving me for his ex.

I'm feeling wonderful!!

Second: I haven't made any new Pinkbunny comics recently, but I do have a different comic that features a little girl and the meaning of life. It can be accessed Here.

I was in North Carolina last week on vacation, and was severely burned the first day, so I spent a lot of time inside, reading and drawing. This is what happened as a result:

That's really all for now...

2002-07-24 20:38:41 ET

Oh how angsty!
Meaning of life?!? I LOVE THE MEANING OF LIFE!!! Wait a minute, I've never even heard of them. Do they have any good songs?

2002-07-25 02:15:52 ET

Yess! They have many good songs! Though my favourite is titled: "We apologize for the inconvenience".

2002-07-25 07:11:54 ET

Well I once heard "No shirt, no shoes, no service." It was okay...

2002-07-25 10:28:11 ET

Yeah, that was back when they were still going through their drug rehab. They're as high and talented as ever now!

2002-07-25 13:26:44 ET


2002-07-25 15:08:48 ET

^_^ We get so silly sometimes.

2002-07-25 18:19:11 ET

No, really, I love that band...

2002-07-25 19:56:08 ET

errr... ?

2002-07-25 21:59:00 ET

Yes, we are silly.

2002-07-26 11:10:56 ET

:P *pook*

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