Plague update
2007-02-28 08:56:01 ET

So I laid on the couch all weekend watching Discovery Health and coughing up my entire being, and by Monday morning I actually felt well enough to go to work. Zicam does wonders. I was still coughing intermittently as well as rather tired, but thought I was simply getting over it.

Last night, I started coughing so bad I began spitting up fluid. Then specks of blood. I thought, "Hey, this doesn't look like getting better!" And so I went to the doctor's this morning.

Yup, I have bronchitis. They gave me some antibiotics and robitussin with codeine so that I can sleep at night. I then called work to let them know what was up, and came back here.

Medical Mysteries, here I come!

2007-03-04 11:20:16 ET

the discovery health channel has become my bff with shows like "The girl without a face" and "The boy whose skin fell off" and "The 150 lb tumor"

Medical mysteries kicks a lot of ass too.

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